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TDP-1 Tactical Defense Pen (Gray):

This pen was designed with the military and law enforcement communities in mind. One end is pointed, which could be used   as a very effective
defense tool while the other end is blunt and could be used as a control device. For more information and photos, click here.




Steve Woods

Steve began making knives part-time in 2000, concentrating on fixed blades and high-end folders. He also forges damascus using a power hammer or press. He has had the good fortune to study under some of the best knife makers in the world.

Steve's primary knifemaking focus is high-end folders. He mentioned, "I love the thought of someone carrying one of my knives every day and showing it off like a piece of fine jewelry."

Steve received his Journeyman stamp from the American Bladesmith Society at the Blade Show in June of 2005. At present, he is working towards his Mastersmith stamp of which he will test in June of 2007.

Steve's knife works have been featured in leading industry publications and he has recently donated knives to the "Knives For Soldiers" program which is part of the proud citizens standing behind American Forces while they continue their efforts in the war on terror. His knives have been carried into combat in Afghanistan and Iraq and he continues to correspond with the recipients of his knives who are serving our country.

Since 1981, Steve is a professional photographer and an owner of Steven Michael Studios located in Dallas, Texas. His photography is featured in leading knife and gun magazines as well as national fashion publications and catalogs. Steve is a Grand Master IPSC Shooter and long range tactical competitor as well as an avid hunter, outdoorsman and collector of custom knives.



2009 SHOT Show
Orlando Convention Center
Orlando, FL
January 15th-18th


Come and see us at the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida. We will be in Booth# 13113. For more information along with other upcoming MIL-TAC Events, click here.